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    Default Photoshop Tutorial - Spiderman Coming Out of Notebook

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    his Photoshop tutorial makes a 3D kind of image, where Spiderman looks like he is coming out of the notebook/pc .. This is also called "Out Of Bound Effect"

    Ok, for starters, you need two stock images.. One of a notebook/pc , and other of ..... Spiderman, who else

    Ok... So now we have both the images.. i'll call the notebook "PC", and spiderman "spidy" here onwards (hehehe) ..

    So now copy n paste spidy's image on PC image..

    Now rotate the Spidy image (using either Ctrl+t or Edit-->Transform-->Rotate) , so that it is somewhat in the same angle with th PC Screen hide the spidy layer, by clicking on the eye icon for that layer in layer palette

    Select the computer screen using polygon lasso tool..

    Now, un-hide the Spidy later again by clicking where you clicked to hide it... Make sure the selection you made (of screen) is active.. Click on the Spidy layer, and apply "Add Layer mask" from the bottom of layer palette. The image of Spidy will be confined to the screen area now

    Now..before I go on any further , let me explain what a "Mask" is. A layer mask (the black and white box seen in the spidy layer) just decides which part of the image is to be seen and which to be not.. It doesnt alter the original image, just make parts of it visible or invisible...

    * Black - Image in black parts are invisible
    *White - Image in white parts are visible

    You can see this in the layer palette. The screen area is white in the mask, and so we see only that part of spidy's image ...

    Now why did i use mask? The answer is, I used it because I may have to do multiple refinements for extracting some part of the image (you will see this in next steps).. The mask allows me to do this without a use for undo/redo, aur distorting the image.. To make a part visible I have to just paint it with white, and to delete it/make it invisible , paint it with black.. <-----This sentence is very important and we will be using this shortly....

    Now , unlink the Mask and Image layers, by clicking on the small icon between these two..
    You need to "resize" the image , "move" Spidy a bit..Remember , first click on the spidy thumbnail in the layer palette before tranformations(there are two thumbnails , right? The "spidy thumbnail" and the "mask thumbnail"..In the end , make sure that his "Web Shooting Arm" is out side of the screen area..

    When you have done this again click where you clicked before to link the image and mask nack. (dont forget)

    Now, select the brush tool... Press "D" ("D" changes the foreground to Black and Background to white)....Then press "X" ( just swaps background n foreground colors, so you have white in foreground) ..Remember "D" and "X"...They are useful shortcuts.....

    ..Anyway, remember that in mask, white is to make part of image visible.... So now 1st click on the "mask thumbnail" (important)... Now start brushing on the part where spidy's hand is supposed to be.. Dont worry about accuracy, first make the hand visible... The other parts , that are not required will be dealt on in further steps...

    Now press "X" (black is foreground clr now) .. And start refining Spidy's hand..For this, Zoom (Ctrl+ "+") few times, Change the size of the brush, change the hardness (dont make brush too soft, u can make it too small with size 1-20) and brush away the unwanted parts....

    If at any point you make a mistake and remove part of hand, dont panic away...... just press "X" to change foreground color to White and brush that part of hand, and it'll come back....(See the mask being useful :wink_smil ).. You may not achieve best results in 1-2 try.. You may have to make a few more passes by pressing "X" and removing and retrieving Spidy's hand by using just the brush tool... Dont get frustrated if u dont get it at first try...Zoom more, reduce the size of brush, decrease brush hardness and use black and white colors alternately to bring the best results...

    This is the result that I got

    Posted Image

    So spidy has come out, now to give it a bit more realistic touch.. Whatever is 3D, must create shadow..

    So for that

    Ctrl+Click on the layer palette on Spidy's mask thumbnail (the black & white one)

    Now select the "Polygon Lasso tool again" and click on "Subtract from selection" in toolbar...

    Now, cover the screen with the lasso tool, just leave the spidy's palms, i.e. dont cover them in the polygon selection you make..

    Now only the hand is selected.. Press Ctrl+J .. It'll duplicate the hand of spidy to a new layer.. goto that new layer and drag it below the Spidy original layer .. press Ctrl+t, and drag the transformation box (this time no use of pressing shift) using the point shown in the next image..Let's call this layer "shadow hand layer"

    Now rotate it a bit ..Make sure that no part of hand is crossing the shadow can be made on table and comp only, not in air Posted Image

    The next step is again press Ctrl+t , and right click somewhere in transformation window and select "Perspective".. Then drag the corner point a bit to give the shadow hand more flatness..

    Ctrl+click the shadow hand layer,this will select the boundary of shodow hand and make a new layer by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N. Now disable the shadow hand layer by pressing on the "eye" icon, in layer palette, but dont disable the new layer you just created, and also dont loose the selection you made by Ctrl+Clicking.. (If you loose the layer, again control click the shadow hand layer)... Make sure the new layer is active

    Now select the paint bucket tool , foreground color to "Black" and bucket fill that selection... reduce the opacity of this layer to around 29% from the layer palette..

    ->Lower Opacity-->

    Press ctrl+D and your Spiderman coming out of Notebook is Ready..... Posted Image



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