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    Default Photoshop Tutorial - Animated Rain Tutorial in 7 Steps

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    Step 1 - Introduction

    Now, lets pretend its a gloomy, rainy day outside and you have nothing to do except go on the computer. So, lets say you want to play with Photoshop. Well, check this out, you can make something like looks just like outside weather!

    Step 2 - Add Noise

    Now, lets get started with adding some rain. First, create a new layer and fill it in with all white. Go to the top of your ImageReady window and click Filter> Noise> Add Noise.

    Step 3 - Noise Settings

    Now, a new window should pop up for the noise options. Use the following settings or click the images for the settings as well. Amount: 400%, Distribution: Guassian, Monochromatic: Check.

    Step 4 - Motion Blur

    Now, your finished with the Noise settings, click Ok. Now again, go to Filter> Blur> Motion Blur. Use the settings above or look at the text i give you. Angle: -60, Distance: 27.

    Step 5 - Duplicating
    Now, don't duplicate the layer 3 times, but redo the steps 2-4 again 3 times so you get 4 different results, but using the same settings. Now, move the blending options for all 4 of them to Multiply.

    Step 6 - Adding the Animation

    Now, go to your animation box. If you do not have one, go to Window> Animation. Now, create 4 frames. For each one, display a different piece of the 4 rains you made. Make the time between each one set to 0. Make sure each rain layer's opacity is set to 50%. This makes it so you can see through it.

    Step 7 - Press Play!

    Now, press the button that looks like the play button on the animation box. Watch your rain fall from the sky onto your image! Try experimenting with this tutorial to get better results



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