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    Default Photoshop Tutorial - Make an animated doors Signature !

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    This tutorial will help you create a siggi for you where it will give you appearance of doors opening and closing with objects behind it...

    Lets start.. I will be refering to each layer by the layer number.. So follow the steps exactly, and when you get a hang of it, you can change it according to your needs....

    Start in Adobe Photoshop, with a New image of size 500x120 px

    Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+N to make a new layer, "Layer 1"..

    Press Ctrl+A to select all in the new layer..

    Pick up the Gradient Fill tool , and make your foreground color #e7e7e7 and background color #c1c1c1

    Now fill (gradient) the selection box from "bottom of selected window to top" of selected window..

    Right click Layer 1 and goto Blending Properties, and change the stroke..

    Now go to Image -> Canvas Size/Alt+Ctrl+C , and increase the canvas size to any value.. I used 600x150 px

    Now Ctrl+Click Layer 1 thumbnail, so you have the selection box over the gradient rectangle, and goto Select->Modify->Contract, and enter value "10"

    Now Press Ctrl+Alt+N to create a new layer, "Layer 2". With smaller selection still on , and the same colors as before , now fill gradient tool in opposite direction than before, i.e. from top to bottom of selection, and press Ctrl+D

    Now again goto Canvas size, and reduce it back to your original size i.e. 500*120 px..

    then press Ctrl+Click Layer 2 thumbnail to have a selection box around it... Press Ctrl+Alt+N for a New layer (Layer 3), and goto Selection-->Modify-->Contract, and enter the value 3.. Select the foreground color as #b0b0b0, and press "Alt+BackTab or Edit-->Fill" to fill the selection with foreground color in Layer 3..

    With the selection still active, goto Layer 1 and Layer 2 and press Delete on both..

    Now go back to Layer 3, goto Blending options and enter this value for inner shadow

    Now pick up Type tool, to type text.. Select some bold font like I used, and type something..

    Right click this text Layer, goto blending options and put these values

    Now Hide this layer by clicking the eye icon in layer palette for this text layer

    Similarly create other text layers and hide them.. To copy the Blending option used in "Ashtray" layer, right click it , goto Copy Layer Style, and paste them on required Layer...

    I created 3 more texts, "VIP","IGT" and "SrG", with dark green color for IGT, light green for VIP, and Blue for SrG, and after pasting "Ashtray's" blending option on them, hidden them the way i had hidden Ashtray Layer.. So, Finally after creating all text layers, they should be in hidden mode (no eye icon)....

    Press Ctrl+Alt+N for a new layer (Layer 4), and Ctrl+Click Layer 3 to get the selection box.. Now Gradient fill it (in Layer 4), with foreground color #868686 and background color #414141, from top to bottom of selection..

    Press Ctrl+D to loose the selection.. Now drag Layer 1 and Layer 2 to the top, above all layers

    Now go back to Layer 4, and using Polygonal Lasso Tool, draw a shape of door (just one side)...The shape should cover one entire hald of Layer 4's box..

    Now press Ctrl+J to duplicate the part of Layer 4 in Selection box to Layer 5(Layer 5 will be created when you press Ctrl+J automatically).. Now Ctrl+Click Layer 5, goto Layer 4 and press Delete on your keyboard..

    Now goto Blending Options of Layer 4, and put these values

    Make Same Blending options for Layer 5 (copy from Layer 4, paste on Layer 5)..

    Finally , you have got your gates, and its time to Move on to Imageready... click the switchover button or press Shift + Ctrl + M

    In ImageReady, click on new/duplicate frame icon to create Frame 2 in animation window....This button is going to be used quite a few times, so remember it

    Now.. Select frame 2 in animation window.. in Layer Palette, goto Layer 4 (left side of the gate), and with move tool drag the door to the left, outside of the image boundary so that it disappears... Remember to make only lateral (Horizontal) movements.. For that, first increase the size of current working window by dragging or just Zoom Out using "Ctrl+ '-' ".. Then start dragging in horizontal direction, and then press shift while moving (dont press shift before moving it) ..

    ..Or you could just use Left arrow key instead of dragging to move, but that is a bit slow process

    Similarly, in the same frame 2, move the Layer 5's door (right door) to the extreme right...

    Goto animation frame 1, press tween button , and enter these values..

    Now change the time delay for first and last frame to 2 sec

    Select all the five frames using Ctrl+Click on each frame in animation window, and press new/duplicate frame icon , to create 5 more frames.. New frames will be selected when you duplicate... Click on the small double arrow sign on top of animation window, and select Reverse frames , from the menu that appears...

    Now 1st delete the 5th frame (i.e. first frame of the reverse of duplicated frames) and then delete the last frame of animation window.. Delete by using either dragging the frame to the little trash can icon in the bottom of animation window, or just selecting frame and clicking the trash can icon..

    Good, now you have made one set of sliding doors..So for first set, select all the frames of animation window, and un-hide Ashtray layer by the same way you hid it in Photoshop...

    With all the frames of "1 set of door movement selected", press New/Duplicate frames button again (a new Set of door movement frames will be created and selected automatically by using duplicate frame button), now Hide the Ashtray Layer, and un-hide the IGT Layer for these new set of animation frames..

    Again press Duplicate frames button, and hide IGT Layer, un-hide SrG layer.. Similarly do it for VIP

    Goto Window--->Optimize.. Put these values (These values are for this particular siggi, to reduce the size.. You may have to change the optimize settings, i.e. increase/decrease color depth, diffusion value, color mode etc)...

    Remember that animations are high sized images, and in ****** we have a size restriction of 100 KB for siggi image.. So for reducing the size , you can change the optimize settings, reduce the number of frames, reduce the number of sets of door movements (Like in this example, just use one Set for "Ashtray" and one set for "IGT..SrG..VIP".. So instead of four sets, I would have just 2)..

    Anyway...your final image can be saved by Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S or File->Save Optimized As.

    Liked and learned this tutorial? Give me a O HELL YEAH..... or I have got two words for ya.. hehe and hit the Thanx Button

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    Thanx Bhai Useful Posting............

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