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    Default Photoshop Tips to Make Eyelashes Thicker

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    Now let's make eyelashes thicker together in Photoshop. Step 1. Open the picture in the Photoshop

    In the first step you need to launch the picture which you want to work with in Photoshop.

    Step 2. Drawing with pen tool

    Now you need to create some different layer for the latter work. We will have to different layers for upper and lower eyelash in Photoshop. Create a new layer called upper. Then you may as well go and pick Pen Tool and at the same time make some settings as shown in the following picture.

    Next to zoom in on the upper eyelash and start drawing with Pen Tool. Go without saying what we pursuit of is that make our path as more similar to actual shape of eyelash as possible in Photoshop. Here we recommend you to make 3 point when working on upper eyelash, because it is easier to adjust curves that way. What you should note is that eyelashes are not all the same thickness and color so be sure to change colors and brush size.

    After making first eyelash shape with pen tool click on Brush Tool and select size of brush and color. Here you had better choose size to be 2px and color something like #1e201b.

    Then go to the Path palette.

    Stroke Path.

    You now need to select Brush tool and check Simulate pressure.

    All these steps should be repeated and you should remember to change brush size and color of brush.

    Step 3. Work on the lower eyelash in Photoshop

    So far you have finished the upper eyelash in Photoshop. Now it's time to go to lower eyelash. Create a new layer called lower. Almost the same procedures should be done on the upper eyelash. The only difference is the path shape. Here you may have to change to 2 points instead of 3 points to make an eyelash path.

    Step 4. Set values on Gaussian blur

    As we know we stroke every eyelash with Brush tool we want to smooth a little bit edges of drawn eyelashes.For that reason you need to click on upper layer and go to Filter > Blur> Gaussian Blur and set values as the picture shown.

    Step 5. Remove reflections in the eye

    If you want to remove those reflections in the eye and make the picture be perfect. You may choose Healing Brush Tool and gently remove those reflections in the eye.

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