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    Part 1. Creating a dog-tag shaped business card

    Step 1. Create a new layer

    First you need to create a new player in Photoshop for the further work.

    Step 2. Create large specks of noise

    You need to fill your background with 75% gray which code is BFBFBF. Then you should go to Image > Image Size to reduce the image to 25%. And then go to Filter > Add Noise to set the amount to 20%. Next to go to Image > Image Size to increase the image's size to 400%. Don't forget to choose Nearest Neighbor from the drop-down box. In the end you need to go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur to set the distance to 60.

    Step 3. Create a new layer again

    Just create a new layer again now.

    Step 4. Make the shape of the Business Cards

    Click on the Rounded Rectangle Tool with the 100px Radius. Then click the little PathsShift, draw in a little hole with the Ellipse Tool. Right-click the screen, and click Fill Path.

    Now you need to go to Select > Inverse, and then click on the eye next to this layer to hide it. Next to delete the layer underneath.

    button at the top left of the screen and draw a tag shape. While holding down
    Step 5. Text in the Business Cards

    Use the Type Tool to type in some text. We now use a dark gray color here - 3C3C3C, and Courier New font, set to bold, and also set to bold in the Character window. Just click Window > Character to see it.

    Part 2. Add effects to your custom business card

    Step 1. Blending Mode and Blending Options

    Now you need to change your text layer's Mode from Normal to Soft Light. Then right click the layer, and give it some Blending Options.

    • Bevel (Style: Inner Bevel, Technique: Chisel Hard, Size: 20, Gloss Contour: Cove - Deep.) Give your "tag" layer Blending Options as well.
    • Drop Shadow (Distance: 20, Size: 20.)
    • Inner Shadow (Distance: 20, Size: 20.)
    • Bevel (Style: Inner Bevel, Technique: Chisel Hard, Size: 20)
    • Contour (Contour: Ring, Anti-aliased: Ticked.)
    • Gradient Overlay (Blend Mode: Overlay. Opacity: 75%.)

    Step 2. Create the chain

    Before you create the chain you need to zoom in the picture ahead. To create the chain you need to select a small circular area.

    Step 3. Give the bead a Drop Shadow

    You need to choose the Gradient Tool, and click the Radial Gradient icon at the top of the screen. Your foreground color should be set to white, and the background color should be set todark grey. Then you just click in your circular selected area, a bit above and to the left of the centre, and hold the mouse button down. Move the cursor to the bottom right of the circle, and release. Next to give the bead a Drop Shadow.

    Step 4. Move the little bead around

    Now use the Move Tool to move your little bead around. Hold Alt while moving it, to duplicate it. Arrange the beads into a chain. This is the end of this Business Cards tutorial.

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