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    Default Photoshop Tutorial - Create a Kool Matrix Effect

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    How to Make a Matrix Effect?

    step 1:

    Start a new document of size 400x400 pix make sure u select the background as white and press 'd' to reset the colour to the photoshop defaults i.e. black foreground and white background.

    step 2:

    Now let us add some falling grains to the image for that go to
    Filter>Texture>Grain and add the settings as

    You Will Get This

    Step 3:

    Let's add some glow to it so what it shines more

    Filter>Atristic>Neon glow

    after adding u will get this

    Step 4:

    now it look a bit similiar isn't it. Let's make it a bit sharper so it looks better.

    Select Filter>Sharpen>sharpen More

    and our matrix effect is ready.
    here is what i got.

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