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    Default Draw a realistic Christmas tree in Adobe Photoshop

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    1. Start by making a new document with the dimension of 640 px * 480 px in Adobe Photoshop, and the size is up to your depending. You can make the exact settings bellow.

    2. Making a path of Christmas tree in Adobe Photoshop by selecting the Pen Tool, then make the new layer named "Tree". Of course, you can rename it by selecting the option of "Layer properities" after pressing right click on it, and enter the new name you what in the "Name" box.

    3.Create a new gradient using light grey colors by the Gradient Tools, then make some setting according what you need. And go to the "Background" layer to apply the gradient.

    4. The last step you can set your brush settings by choosing the Brush tool or using a standard brush, then combine all layers you created. Besides, you can also add the decorative items to your Christmas tree card, such as confetti, ribbons and stars to make your Christmas tree more beautiful.

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