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    Default A Complete Guide of Photoshop CS4 Shortcuts

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    1. Basic Shortcut

    You can find the shortcuts when you roll your mouse over to the "Tool Menu". You can find in the left part of the workspace in the default mode, such as "Z" for Zoom Tool, "V" for Move Tool and "L" for Lasso Tool.

    2. Usually Shortcuts

    TAB key for the final result: You have spent much time in front of your computer, in the end you have done the great project. You want to see the final result, but all the windows-Character, History, Brushes, Channels are on the desktop. Just press the TAB key and then you will find that all the windows disappeared. Tab it once again the previous situation comes back.

    CTRL + T for Free Transform: Almost every project need to use this command- Free Transform. If you press CTRL and T at the same time you will get the Free Transform

    Caps Lock for the cursor's precise mode: After you played with the project, some touch-ups are a must, great precision is thereby necessary. Try Caps Lock and get the precise mode for that work.

    CTRL + Click is the shortcut to selected the respective layer. Shift + CTRL + I is to select inverse or CTRL+D to deselect.

    You can open a new document by pressing CTRL+N. If you want to open a new player just need to use Shift+CTRL+N. To duplicate a great layer is simple by using CTRL+J.

    Use Alt+Delete to fill layer with the foreground color. Shift+Delete can be used to fill with the background color. To simple save your document press Ctrl+S to save your document, and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S for saving of web and devices.

    instantly. 3. Advanced Shortcuts

    You may be thrilled when you learn these tips and interesting shortcuts.

    Alt+Scroll up/down for zoom in/out.

    When you want to use mask layer, you can press Alt+mouse on the line between layers. If you need some layers to complete your project: to open a new layer you can use Ctrl+Shift+N as you find out at basic shortcuts, but Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N will bring a new layer and skip the dialog box and place over the current layer.

    If a combination of 4 keys still can be accepted as a shortcut we will say that you can use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E for creating a new layer via merge.

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