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    Default Christmas card burnt edge effect in Adobe Photoshop

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    With Adobe Photoshop elements, you can use the adjustment layer and layer mask to create your Christmas card burnt edge effect. Today, we'll give you a way to adjusting your Christmas card with burnt edge effect, and the following easy steps can show you how to make your Christmas card burnt edge effect in Adobe Photoshop.

    1. Open You Image and Build a New Solid Color Fill Layer

    Click on the circle on your Layers panel, choose Solid Color from the appeared drop down menu. Then choose the color you like for the Solid Color Fill Layer. Clicking OK in Adobe Photoshop since you have set your foreground color to black. And because you added a black layer over your background layer so your photo will completely black inside the work area.
    2. Define the Burnt Edge Effect

    Hide the eyeball icon to the left of the Color Fill layer and show your Christmas card from the Background layer. Besides, from the Toolbox you can select the Rectangular Marquee tool and drag a selection of where you want your Christmas card burnt edge to be.
    3. Blur the Edge of Your Christmas Card

    Choose Blur, then Gaussian Blur from the Filter menu, drag the Radius Slider to the right at the Dialog box until you have get the amount of Blur you want.
    4. Adjust the Layer Mask

    Free Transform by the keyboard shortcut of Control-T, and drag the handles in toward the center to change the size of your Christmas card edge by the appeared box. Pressing the ESC key if you want to escape at any time from the transform

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