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    Default 3 simple ways to reduce image noise in Photoshop

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    Here are 3 ways to reduce image noise in Photoshop.
    Method 1. Use Color Mode to Reduce Image Noise in Photoshop

    The Photoshop essentials for eliminating noise are the Gaussian Blur filter in conjunction with blending modes by use of layers or the History palette and brush.

    Step 1. You need to add a layer above your adjustment layer. Then press Option while choosing Merge Visible from the Layers palette menu to create a merged composite.

    Step 2. Just set the layer blending mode to Color.

    Step 3. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. With the Gaussian Blur dialog box open, you need to zoom in and out of the image. You will choose an amount that eliminates noise but not to the point of too much desaturation and bleed of colors.

    Method 2. Use Fade and Unsharp Mask to Reduce Image Noise in Photoshop

    We use Fade and Unsharp Mask to reduce the egg image noise.

    Step 1 . After applying a Gaussian Blur, you need to go to Edit > Fade Gaussian Blur, and then set the Mode to Color.

    Step 2. You can eliminate haze and put clarity back into the image by choosing Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. You also can add a Selective Color adjustment layer.

    Method 3. Use the History Brush to Reduce Image Noise in Photoshop

    Step 1. After applying a Gaussian Blur, open the History palette and choose History Options from the palette menu and check the Allow Non-Linear History box.

    Step 2. In the History palette, you can click the column for the Gaussian Blur state. Then the History Brush icon will appear.

    Step 3. Highlight the previous state above the Gaussian Blur to return the image to its noisy state. It should be named Duplicate or Open.

    Step 4. The history brush from the Toolbox and a Soft Round brush should be selected now.

    Step 5. Next to change the history brush Mode to Color in the top menu bar. You need to set the Opacity and Flow to 100%.

    Step 6. Paint over the noisy areas now. Since the history brush is sourcing the Gaussian Blur state, you are painting with the blur. With Color Mode retains detail but you need to hide the blurriness while desaturating the colored noise pixels, making them less noticeable.

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