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    Default Adobe Photoshop Complete Course | Lecture 6

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    xNow let us draw

    Now that you have named and saved the picture, you can get on drawing.
    1. Click on the brush button in the tool box. That is number four in the right column. You can also use the shortcut letter b.

    2. We previously mentioned the two active colors. When you paint and draw, such as with the brush tool, then you use the foreground color. So click on the yellow color in the swatches palette:

    3. The brush is a tool, which can exist in multiple variants. It can be set and adjusted in an incredible number of ways; here we make it easy by selecting a pre defined brush size. Click on the small arrow to the right of the brush symbol in the settings line.

    4. Then select the brush with a master diameter of 13. You see it in the list that scrolls down from the settings line:

    5. Press Enter when you have selected the brush. That closes the dialog box.
    6. Then start to draw a flower. Make it something like this:

    7. Photoshop’s brushes come in hard and soft versions. The softer a brush is, the softer is its edges. Now you need to switch to a brush size 13 but the soft version. Use the settings line, and select further down in the list the soft version size 13. You can see on the brush stroke that it has a soft edge; therefore it is a soft brush:

    8. You can change the degree of softness for a brush; actually the brushes can be freely ”programmed,” but we will not get into that now. Close the list of brush types by pressing Enter.
    9. Then choose a bright red color from the swatches palette, and try to fill the flower petals with red color like here:

    10. Finish the flower petals. Now the flower has to be ”mounted” on a stem. Choose a green color from the swatches palette.
    11. Choose a hard brush in size 19. Draw the stem and a couple of leaves as you see below. Notice that the green stem overlaps the flower, we will correct that shortly:

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