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    Yet another layer

    Now you need to make an orange square.
    1. Start by creating a new layer. You can do that as described above, but try in stead the shortcut Control+Shift-+n. That is good to rememmber. It opens a dialog box, where you can name the layer.
    2. Name the layer Square. Choose the name orange for the layer button and click OK:

    3. Save the picture with Control+s.
    4. Choose the square selection frame in the tool box by pressing m twice.
    5. Hold the Shift- down, click in the picture and draw a square. By holding the Shift- down, you force the rectangle to become square:

    6. Use the Swatches palette to select orange as foreground color, then fill the square (with the shortcut Alt+Backspace).
    7. Use the shortcut Control+Shift-+n to create yet another layer. That needs to be green be named Polygon. You now have four layers, which all can be seen in the layer palette. Save the picture file.
    8. Three of the layer buttons are colored, and you can see that the active layer (on which you are working) is the ”Polygon” layer:

    Figure 14. Now there are four layers. The topmost is the active one.
    Draw a pentagon

    On the fourth, green layer, you need to draw a polygon – in this case a pentagon. That is done with a drawing tool (Polygon Tool).
    The drawing tools are somewhat complicated, since they can work in different ways. So follow our review very precisely.
    Start by selecting the Polygon Tool as shown below. That tool’s shortcut letter is u, but since it is ”down in the stack,” you need to press u four times to activate it from the keyboard. If that doesn’t work, you need to press Shift-+u to activate the underlying tools. To avoid using the Shift- key, you need to change the setting as described on page 3.
    1. You have now activated the Polygon Tool:

    2. These drawing tools use the foreground color. So choose green for foreground color!
    3. Now check the settings line; there the button Pixel Fill (the third button) has to be clicked:

    4. Further to the right in the settings line you can see that the polygon gets five sides:

    5. You have thus chosen to draw a pentagon, and the foreground color is green. Start in the middle of the drawing and draw a pentagon with the mouse:

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