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    Default Mohabbataan Sachiyaan

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    The film is shot at a number of beautiful and breathtaking
    locations around Pakistan such as Kotli in Azad Kashmir
    and Kalam in Sawat valley.

    Directed by Shahzad Rafique
    Produced by Shafquat Chaudhary
    Written by Shahzad Rafique
    Veena Malik
    Babrak Shah
    Adnan Khan
    Maria Khan
    Music by Wajahat Attre
    Cinematography Muzzamil Shah
    Editing by Mateen Qadus
    Murad J. Siddiqi

    Release date(s) October 14, 2007
    Country Pakistan
    Language Punjab

    Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Part 1/2 -
    Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Part 2/2 -



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