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    [HF]Up 2009 DVDRiP XViD

    Director : Pete Docter
    Actor (voice) : Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai, Bob Peterson
    ScenarioBob Peterson, Pete Docter
    Genuine issue: Pixar Animation Studios
    Categories: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
    Released : 29/05/2009
    Category: PG
    Length: 96 minutes
    IMDb: Up (2009)

    Carl Fredricksen is an aging 78 years old he lived alone in a house in the heart of old holes artist can not do a city-black model. Although many councils were forced into nursing Carl aging but still hard-headed stick your head in the warm. Until the day, Carl put thousands of balls flying over the fireplace and slowly, the house, flying up from the city towards the horizon stranger.

    Why Carl refuses to give up the house in ... 4x it? Because he and his wife were there we build. There, his wife had blubber or information when her infertility. There, his wife was going out with a smile on the lips gentle climate. For Carl, the house is a valuable book album. And the balloon flight will take him to South America, where the former wife was always a dream to visit but must guard because poor circumstances.

    But if aging Carl Fredricksen think that journey is 1 - 0-2 will be full of quiet, the aging was wrong to. Accidentally appear on the house as his aging mum mim nhc Russell, 8 years old, a member of any polar Scout Group. Russell will cause trouble for what Carl and what will be waiting for this bizarre duo in front?

    Cartoons Up the 10th film of the Pixar company, marking the first time this company's reputation as animated 3D film. Executive producer of Oixar and Walt Disney, John Lassenter, excited for the movie Up is the most fun they ever "characters is a particular hero Carl is not the same in any action movie.

    He himself designed a flying machine, he used three-hour dinner at half-way. The age that he knew that the greatest adventures in Left Now is the small things in life. Russell is also ideal character and coast of our company. Along with Carl, this is two characters make the holiday bright screen.

    Directed by Pete Docter each participating create animated film of Pixar's most famous, such as: Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc... -kip each of his Oscar-nominated for film Wall-E. Pete shared experience or a movie: "It's not a movie theater that you walk out, you're still thinking about it, tomorrow you're still thinking about it and years later. The characters, whether people or animals, still have feelings as real. If Monsters Inc, Pete's first film as director, taking ideas from the imagination of his childhood that monster under the bed with the roar Up also the ...




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