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    Default BBC - Massive Nature [Complete Series]

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    BBC - Massive Nature [Complete Series]
    DVDRip | English | 6 Eps x 29 mins | DiVX | 688x384 | 25 fps | MP3 - 192 Kbps | 2.05 Gb
    Gener: Documentary | Wildlife

    Massive Nature is BBC's six part series. Imagine amidst the mayhem, you could be at the heart of the action, alongside animals who might die, so the rest may live. This spectacular new series unravels the mystery behind the world s most dramatic wildlife events.
    From the great sardine run to the mighty wildebeest migration mobs rule. Coming up in the series are millions of African flamingos hunted down by baboons, endless swarms of tiny Texan bats who run the gauntlet of marauding snakes and hawks, and millions of wilderbeest that face the crocodile-infested Mara river in Tanzania.

    Episode 1 - The Deep
    The greatest shoal on Earth billions of tiny sardines are on a collision course with thousands of dolphins, sharks, seals and gannets. Will any fish survive the attack? Will the sharks turn on the dolphins? Can animals make their own luck when faced with mortal danger and is there anywhere to hide in the crowd?

    Episode 2 - The Trap
    One million flamingos the world s greatest flock, come face to face with baboons and fish eagles on East Africa s Lake Bogoria.

    This is the only place where these predators kill flamingos so why do the flamingos come here? Can the power of the flock overcome this threat? It seems that individual survival at the Lake is not simply a matter of luck Massive Nature uncovers the secrets of a flamingos success.

    Episode 3 - The crossing
    Is about the wildebeest that cross the Mara River in search of the best grazing whilst the area is crowded with opportunistic predators and scavengers.

    Episode 4 - The falls
    Follows the challanges faced by 300 million salmon migrating up rivers across Alaska to spawn in their own birth place all while risking ambush by grizzly bears and bald eagles along the way.

    Episode 5 - The Edge
    When thousands of young Adelie penguins leave the colony to start their adult life at sea, they face a terrifying ordeal. A huge predatory leopard seal is waiting for them just offshore. But which penguin chicks will get through? Is survival down to luck, or can past actions influence a penguin s fate?

    Episode 6 - The Exodus
    40 million bats exiting a single Texan cave run a gauntlet of snakes and hawks. Half the bats are babies on their maiden flight, so how will they survive ?

    This is the biggest flock of bats on the planet, but strength in numbers is not their only defence. Massive Nature investigates how where and when you fly in the flock can make the ultimate difference between life and death.





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