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    Exclamation America's most famous haunted house

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    America's most famous haunted house

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    The Amityville Files is the largest archive of Amityville-related research on the web. Our mission is to present our readers with both the facts and the myths surrounding the Amityville case from all sides of the controversy. The site includes a vast archive of information, allowing the viewer to do their own research into the topic, and decide for themselves where the truth lies in this highly controversial case.

    Is the story of America's most famous haunted house real horror, or a common hoax?

    In 1976 The Lutz family fled from their home in Amityville, Long Island, claiming that they had been driven out by terrifying and unexplained phenomena. Their story went on to become a worldwide bestseller which spawned dozens of books and films.

    This followed the mysterious slaughtering of an entire family one night a few years previous. The murderer claimed it was the work of the devil.

    Mediums and psychic investigators have claimed that there is a curse on the property, while others believe the gruesome history has been invented as a money-making scheme.

    This documentary sets out to discover the truth about one of American folklore's most notorious mysteries and features George Lutz's last on-camera interview before he died in 2006.

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    that scared the **** out of me!!!
    sorry dude .... Hash



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