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Thread: Helloww ! :D

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    Default Helloww ! :D

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    Hi members .. I've joined this site 2 weeks b4 . My name's Nitish , pals call me nIk . i study in Australia n i get real bored at times. try to watch online movies n old seriels when i get time . The fact tht there r not many sites which r dedicated n update regular. i came across this site by googling .

    Hatts of to the Admins n MOD's .. u ppl r doing a gr8 job ! u cant imagine how good it feels man. i can see the latest movies the day-two they get released over here .

    Best of luck n Thnx a tonnn .
    Cheers \m/

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    Hi nik. Welcome to dr.
    thanks Hope you enjoy this site and feel ask ...enjoy

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    hey nitish aka nik, very warm welcome to u for coming to dR if need anything just let us know

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    Welcome Nitish.....



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