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    Cool Your My girl

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    Here is a song i wrote in school when i was bored and now its complete.
    Tell me how you feel about it

    When people got their eyes stunning on ma girl.
    when she turns around the earth explodes and turns upside down
    i love everything about her/you and i want her right beside me so the whole word can see.
    People got their eyes stunning on her, on her , on her
    every-time i seee her my heart skips a bet and i cant wait for the girl to be mine cuz thats all i need.
    baby whenever your with me you wont wnan leave.
    your my light your my shadow cuz u taken over ma heart casted a spell and ma heart kept on saying name
    ma girl
    ma girl
    everytime i think of you im missing a part of me and to fell that darkeness ur ma light
    lets connect the dots and draw you name and mine and out the world together cuz ur all mine
    how about lets put the world togather and make it one life in ma life time x3
    Capital K.dp
    yur heart plus mine makes the makes the moon just shine and tell the world here we come
    cuz she is my girl x3
    dawn breaks and i break and wake up next to ma girl to find out its all a dream.
    yeaa yea boy capital K.dp
    all day everyday ur mine dream girl..
    sunset sets and u shine star and i wake up like a monster and u send me to prince and and i dream all over again

    cuz uma girl ma dream dream girl x3

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