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    Default Errortonin - Lice Decisions (2019)

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    Artist: Errortonin
    Title: Lice Decisions
    Year Of Release: 2019
    Label: International Audio Company
    Genre: Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 133:32 min
    Total Size: 609 MB
    01. Younome
    02. Errorimmoral
    03. Errorallthetime
    04. Diablerie
    05. Errorroachport
    06. Errorwangle-Agglutinative
    07. Desuetude'
    08. Z Abeyance
    09. Erroriano
    10. Apoplectic
    11. Enpwovizasyon
    12. Errorjaguar
    13. Errorinvertedmordent
    14. Errornoidea
    15. Lice Decisions
    16. Wechuge
    17. Psittacosismasochisticepistemology
    18. Errorvogelnoise
    19. Erroraspersionpiacular
    20. Trespassstaruntruthstarwrongdoingstar
    21. Hemiluminesce
    22. Errorexploadingheadsindrum
    23. Errorbagofwetmice
    24. Errorboogeramor
    25. Errorreverbaposematism'
    26. Wgurrila Diaboloismerror?
    27. Deftlytonin
    28. Cemmettteruggekeerd
    29. Errorheedlessness
    Album is completely made by Thomas Houston, or it is his fault. Most songs are from 2019, but some are of 2016. Errortonin takes you on a classical journey through america, The ultimate combination of folk and jazz, in the sense of expressing what life is really like in america with tracks like errorLice Decisions is a master folk song that is americano and contemporary in subject matter. Its someone most americans can relate with, or too. Profuse jazz, without standards. Free improvisation nihilistic virtuosity, Errortonin can not be praised enough for his highlights of the american past and present and future, the utter soul of america, an imperialist fascist dystopian, pollution suffocates intellectual possibilities with wide spread brain damage, Songs about what its like to have all your rights taken away from you, and being forced meds with medical fraud by robotic ignorant psychologists, This album is about the destruction of humanity, the will for the brain to breath as it is being drowned by pain, pollution, the ignorance of humanity, the daily violence death and abuse, the decay that is volitional, makes one's soul wince, the sound of that is to pierce your heart yet it has no heart. For most they only create music to serve the song, i don't really care about songs, there is no such thing as a song, there is only one song, you are and are in a song, and on one, and have them inside of you, and you can also get others. For the herde, the importance and potency of the music is on the peripheries, and the song is the center, for me the song is on the peripheries and the music is at the center. From the heart (that doesn't exist) with arrhythmia, and no concept of reality. I give you music with guts, which disintegrates those who listen, which is the true purpose of modern pop music.
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