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    SRK meets Chouw & Mouw

    King Khan was treated to a unique visit while shooting for My Name is Khan in San Francisco. Two green, flubber-like characters dropped by to greet him, courtesy Videocon.

    Before finding the Badshah of Bollywood, the two flubber characters named Chouw and Mouw mingled with the folks of San Francisco and even posed for snaps. On landing up on the sets they headed straight to the vanity van with ā€˜Rizvan' on it.

    The security tried their best to stop them but the flubbers screamed out of for SRK. But they were in luck. King Khan heard them and made his way out to meet them to the surprise of the whole unit.

    SRK's new friends Chouw & Mouw had a gift for him, which was quickly frisked away by the security guards to ensure that it wasn't anything dangerous. Once they were certain, that indeed was a harmless, well-meaning gift, King Khan got to open it.

    But there was nothing in the gift box but a switch! Puzzled, SRK hit the button. And voila! The brand new logo of Videocon flew out of the box and into the sky, way above the famous Golden Gate bridge.

    And then it was time for Shah Rukh Khan's official statement, 'I am delighted to receive such a wonderful gift from my friends Chouw and Mouw in the form of New Videocon logo. My best wishes to Chouw and Mouw!'

    Chouw and Mouw spent a few days in San Francisco with SRK. Shahrukh took special care of Chouw and Mouw and introduced them to the entire crew on the sets of the movie My name is Khan. In fact, Chouw and Mouw had free access to the entire set. The entire crew took an instant liking to Chouw and Mouw for their lovable and gregarious nature. Chouw and Mouw were seen mingling with everyone and helping out in the various tasks on the sets of the movie.

    Chouw & Mouw are the central characters of a new ad campaign, depicting the positive dimension of change when they come together. They are shown in different situations transforming lives of others. Chouw may seem like a giant but has a kind heart. But Mouw, who is tiny and small, is aclever and street smart. When they come together they create magic, bringing about change and delight in everyone's life. SRK concluded 'I am confident, my best friends Chouw and Mouw will be loved by all and they are sure to capture millions of hearts and create smiles across the world.'


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