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    Red face I Never Want To Be What Shah Rukh Has Become! PART 2 (page 2)!!!

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    Salman gets candid about Katrina, quitting acting and on sharing cold vibes with Shahid Kapur

    Salman Khan does not mince words. Not on any subject, be it Shah Rukh or anyone else. On a visit to Delhi on Wednesday to promote his upcoming movie,Wanted, the leading man chatted candidly about “upsetting” Shahid Kapur, quitting acting and girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

    There have been reports that Shahid Kapur is upset for not being treating with respect when he came on Salman’s TV show Dus Ka Dum. “Really?” he asks, “Shahid was invited on my show only because Rani Mukherji, who is a close friend, asked me to call him. When people come on my show, they bare their heart… they don’t act ‘politically correct’. I told him to chill out and act natural… if he still chose to give boring answers, he deserved what he got.” Would we ever see stars he doesn’t get along with, make an appearance on his show? “Never. I could be a fraud but not such a big one that I’ll invite such people on my show and ‘act’ all friendly with them. They’ll never be on Dus ka Dum,” he says.

    He takes a break for a moment to allow an excited choora clad newly married woman to get a picture taken with him and then responds to a question about his recent quote that he would quit acting if Wanted flops. “I didn’t say that then, but now that you ask me, I’m saying it — I will quit acting if Wanted flops. But then I may also decide to back out.”

    He can’t stop gushing about how producer Boney Kapoor loosened his purse strings for the movie. “Boney Sir is the most genuine man I’ve ever known. While the world keeps talking of recession, here’s this man who spent millions on just getting the action sequences and the songs shot for this movie.” And how was dancing sensation Prabhu Deva as a director? “Horrible. Prabhu is such a strict taskmaster… just doesn’t let you take it easy even for a moment. Such a perfectionist.” One can’t end an interview with Salman without bringing up his ladylove in the conversation, so we ask him if Katrina’s photos still adorn the walls of his room, and he replies with a twinkle, “Oh Katrina is doing really well. Her pics are now on my fridge… well that’s where she wanted them to be.”

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