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    Default Sexiest Female Characters Portrayed in Hollywood

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    Action Packed Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie looks hot in anything- whether she's packing guns in a too tight mini outfit or sporting a bikini while chasing or outrunning the bad guys in Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider was a huge hit in 2001 and not just the video game geeks were flocking to see it. Once you get past Jolie's rockin body, the action and adventure aspect of the movie was pretty good as well.

    Rebecca Romijn- Not Blue, But Still Hot

    Rebecca Romijn wears absolutely nothing- a painted on outfit! in the X-men movies when she played Mystique. Well if you count body decals and paint, then maybe she was sorta wearing something. After this movie, many men declared blue as their favorite color, and who can blame them?

    Sword Fighting Seductress- Catherine Zeta Jones

    Catherine Zeta Jones plays Elena, a beautiful and spicy spanish sword fighter in Zorro. who knows exactly how to use a sword. Even Zorro can't compete with her on-screen sizzle, but he tries, only to be hit hard by her second line of defense- beauty and seduction.

    Big Guns- Hot Chick. Need I say more about Milla Jovovich?

    In the 2002 film (and two sequels), Resident Evil, Alice is played by Milla Jovovich, a distinctly Russian girl with a mysterious, but fierce attractiveness, who just wants to get down to business, especially with big guns. Short skirt, knee-high boots, and guns- those zobies don't stand a chance. She also displays her unique appeal in the movie Fifth Element.

    Jennifer Garner is her own weapon

    Jennifer Garner works hard for her fit body. She proves that muscles are sexy and help fight the bad guys too. She bears almost all in two such movies- Elektra and Daredevil. Honestly, not many other women could get away with wearing such cheap looking halloween-type costumes. She kicks butt!

    ...being a human...



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