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    Default Priyanks Chopra Verve Scans and interview

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    From sunset to sunrise: “I’m not that fond of going out; I prefer something more informal and intimate, like hanging out with close friends. My conservative upbringing meant being home by sundown on school days. Today, the parties I go to may last until 5 a.m. but reporting to my parents about my whereabouts, who I’m going out with, when I’m coming back, is all still mandatory. And I like being answerable.”

    Mommy’s girl: “My mom is the most fun person to party with. Whenever she accompanies me on outdoor location shoots, we land up hitting the coolest clubs together.”

    “Gauri Khan and Sussanne Roshan: Are the best hosts, as is Karan Johar. Big dos or small gatherings for 30-40 people, their house parties are the most fun.”

    “3 kilo, custom-made, high heels: From Ferragamo. They took five months to be made and they were measured exactly to my feet. From the grey-silver fabric swatch to the crystals on the heels; everything to do with the design was chosen by me. Shoes are my one weakness; roadside chappals, or Chanel, Louboutin, Choo – I have them all.”

    “A cyclone hits my closet: Every time I have to decide what to wear for a night out! My friends and I live out of each others wardrobes. If my options are limited, I’ll go for a classic black dress with a pair of heels and an evening bag.”

    “My evening clutches can never hold anything: they are so tiny! But I do like to carry a lipstick, a small perfume, a compact and small brush and my cell phone.”

    What every party girl should have: “A great pair of shoes. An LBD. Limited accessories – solitaires and a nice watch. Lots of kajal for the eyes. And well blow-dried hair.”

    Be Indian, wear Indian: “I would generally opt for a sari when dressing for an international event. Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna and Abu-Sandeep would be my choices. I inform the designers of my requirement about five to ten days in advance and choose from the options available.”

    “Solid colours, good cuts, well-fitted garments: Are essentials for me. I’m not into prints at all. Gavin Miguel does a lot of my gowns. I also like Ferragamo, Gucci and Armani. Their cut and style are closest to my sensibilities.”

    “I’m a junk food junkie: Burger King is my favourite restaurant, if you can call it that! Otherwise, I love Nobu. I also love kheema pao, nalli nihari…anyone can convince me to eat anything, anytime!”

    ****tails and fast food: “I’m not a big drinker. But I do like the occasional Lychee Mojito. And no post parties please, I prefer to go back home and sleep – unless I’m being taken to a Taco Bell after! I go for the ambience, music and energy of a place; Buddha Bar in Paris or Dubai and Mansion in Miami are all great.”

    “I’m an East Coast kind of girl: I love the USA because I’ve lived in Boston and visited New York often. I enjoy Italy and Spain too. I like London but I’m not crazy about the city. For holidays I prefer South-East Asia; I recently went with my girl gang to Bali and Koh Samui.”

    “I was just grateful when the party I hosted for Gerard Butler was over!: The whole time, I was asking people if they were all right and whether they needed anything. I had about 50 guests at my new apartment; Dad was the official bartender, I had food catered from Olive restaurant and I obsessed about everything from the flowers to candles and lighting. The party carried on until 6 a.m. and naturally, I had the cops coming in a few times that night. Never again am I going through this all!”

    “I’m a *****; They tried to make me go to rehab: A couple of my favourite songs are ‘*****’ by Meredith Brooks and ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse. I also like Nicole Bach and David Guetta. The music I listen to depends on my mood, but I’m very fond of old Hindi hits and hip hop. Currently I’m humming to the Tum Mile soundtrack.”

    Dance all night: “That’s the reason why I go to parties and clubs; to just dance. I remember a cousin’s birthday that I attended recently with close friends and family – we are very filmy and everyone had a great time doing the jhatkas and matkas to Hindi numbers!”

    The evening party that ended at 8 a.m.: “Shah Rukh’s house party ended early morning with a breakfast spread. It was one of the best times I had!”

    “I can talk to a pole: Because I love talking! I will finish with my hi-hellos to all at a party and then sit in a corner for a while to catch up properly with a few. That’s what I like most about parties – the conversations that I’ve had that I remember and also being able to see people let their guard down.”

    The New Year’s Eve plan: “I’m usually working every Christmas and New Year’s Eve so the celebrating just happens last minute. I’m in New York this December; I will ask family and friends to join me there. No gifting this season; I’m done for the year, considering I took five months of thinking and planning to get my traditional Diwali gifts done!”




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