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    Cool Lara Dutta Wardrobe MALFUNCTION at IIFA!![18+]

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    COLOMBO ( Noted Bollywood actress Lara Dutta recently faced what is commonly called a wardrobe malfunction. The incident took place at the recently held IIFA Awards at Colombo in Sri Lanka. The 32 year old actress revealed more than what she would have liked at the Red carpet of the awards ceremony. The media glare was on her and the fans were watching her as well. In fact she was obliging her fans and was signing the autographs. The strap of her outfit went off and she was stunned for a moment. However, the actress had been a model earlier in her career where things like this are not uncommon. Hence she quickly regained her composure and adjusted her dress.

    She later adjusted her dress backstage. However, Lara Dutta should have been more careful with her dress since she knew it was a major event where all media entities ads photographers would be present. The shutterbugs managed to take snap at that awkward moment and the images have also been leaked into the web. As a major section of the Indian movie viewers are paranoid and overtly curious about the personal lives of the celebrities the pictures of her wardrobe malfunction has become a hot searched topic in popular search engines.

    However, her friends and aides have rubbished the theory that it was done for publicity stunt. Lara Dutta is not an insecure actress amend she has acted in a number of coveted film projects in her career. The actress has declined to make any remark on the topic.


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    aww poor her...guy in da middle...HE IS LIKE DAMN!!
    sorry dude .... Hash



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