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    Default Kangana 's first trip to Italy

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    Kangana 's first trip to Italy
    Italian boys flirted with Kangna Ranaut, called her Princess and even proposed to her, on her very first trip to the country

    Kangna Ranaut has just returned from a vacation to Italy. It was her first holiday to the country.
    The actress was to shoot this fortnight for Balaji Motion Pictures' Once Upon A Time in Mumbai but the schedule got cancelled, leaving her with free time for 15 days at a stretch.

    The actress travelled alone. She writes on her blog, "No assistants, colleagues, friends or family. Another first!" she goes on to say that she always wanted to go to Italy. She not only loved the warm Italians but also came away impressed with their culture, art, food, and "lyrical" language.

    She is happy with her decision to travel alone, "I have never travelled alone. I always wondered if I could do it. I was delighted at my own contentment. I ate good food, visited beautiful places, threw coins in the fountains and made wishes. I fell in love with Michelange-lo's art, but Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael, by far are my favourites. The 'Last Supper' is such an exquisite piece of art... I could look at it forever."

    The Italian boys called her princess and proposed to her. They took her for a French girl. The light-eyed actress says, "I enjoyed the lighthearted and earnest flirting of young single Italian guys. And I was touched by people's easy helpfulness - strangers clicked pictures for me, attended to me at hotel receptions and called cabs for me, and helped me carry my bags." The actress felt connected to the people of the country in a spiritual way.

    The actress was dazzled by Milan, "It is such a dream for any fashionista. It's no secret I love clothes


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