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    Default India’s Top 10 hot girls

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    Maxim list of femme fatales

    Hot favourites of men
    Do men fantasize about them? Maxim India’s list of Top 100 hot girls is out and Bollywood’s new style diva Sonam Kapoor tops it. So call it the I Hate Luv Storys effect or the Aisha magic, Bollywood’s dainty masakalli has graduated to be the nation’s fierce, hot chick.

    If last year’s winner Bipasha Basu has slid to No. 4 position, the sexy Deepika Padukone is unbelievably down at No. 8. So who have emerged as the other favourite hotties of Indian men? Don’t make wild guesses but read on as we give you Maxim India’s Hot Top 10, the beautiful woman who can make men swoon with their looks, if not make them insane.

    Check it out:

    Chitrangada Singh - The mysterious woman
    At No. 10 is Maxim’s ‘dark angel’ Chitrangada Singh. She is so simple yet sensuous, thanks to her regal looks and calm demeanour.

    Kim Kardashian - The buxom babe
    Kim Kardashian has undoubtedly the hottest body on earth, and men are under her sensuous spell. The hottie enjoys the 9th spot.

    Deepika Padukone - The picture-perfect
    She pleases her fans with her charm and is at 8th position. Deepika’s sloe eyes, dimpled cheeks and immaculately dusky skin make her just picture-perfect.

    Lara Dutta - Oriental sexbomb
    Lara Dutta is at No. 7 with her exotic looks and great figure. This former Miss Universe has gotten sexier, resulting in growing number of fans.

    Kareena Kapoor - The style queen
    She is the fashion icon of India who is inspiring girls with her size zero frame; Kareena Kapoor enjoys the No. 5 position.

    Megan Fox - The sassy lass
    Indian men swear by her beauty, the oh-so-sexy Megan Fox rules the hearts as well as minds. She sizzles at No 5.

    Bipasha Basu - The sex goddess
    Bipasha whose name is synonymous to ‘hot’ is comfortably at No. 4. The dusky beauty with her feisty image is no less than a sex goddess.

    Priyanka Chopra - Sexy and single
    Thankfully, this siren is still single. Priyanka Chopra, at No. 3, sets the temperature rising with her groovy moves and sensuous looks.

    Katrina Kaif - Impeccable hottie
    Her beautiful smile like vernal sunshine can make men go weak at the knees. Katrina Kaif’s name is just enough to set the pulses racing. The beauty is at No. 2.

    Sonam Kapoor - Flirts with fashion
    Welcome the new girl in hot brigade - Sonam is inarguably the flavour of the season and thus the numero uno hot girl.

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    lol tat is shoo tru...sonam is number 1 hands down in india
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    may the almighty god shed light upon the eyes and minds of the ones who see and think Sonam Kapoor is hotter than Megan Fox, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta and Kim Kardashian. I mean cuter may be but hotter most definately NaWtTTTTTTtttttttttttttttt
    Don't be so humble - you are not that great.



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