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    In the pic above: Hrithik && Suzanne Roshan inked a similar tattoo on their forearms. Instead of inking each other’s name, they opted for a six-point star. The six-point star is also known as Solomon’s Seal, it is a symbolic interaction of the divine with the mortal. Interestingly, Papa Rakesh Roshan also got the same tattoo planted on his arm.

    Mallika Arora Khan getting inspired by her younger sisters' tats & gets one herself on her lowerback called 'Angel'. That's what her name Malaika means in Swahili. It took the tattoo artist over an hour to complete. Rumor has it Arbaaz liked her tattoo so much got one done up himself saying 'Love each other && Perish' on his arm. She wants to get her son's name tatted up next.

    Here's a closer look. The A and L seem to vanish behind the wings that have been inked on her tat.

    Now here's something sweet && precious! Actor Arjun Rampal gets his 2 favorite ladies names tatted up on each arm 'Mahikaa' and 'Myraa'..These are his daughters ofcourse! "They are a permanent part of my life, so the tattoos too, are permanent."

    Now here's another sweet star dad! Akshay Kumar gets a tat of his son 'Aarav' on his back as seen in this clip from "Bhool Bhaliya" where he has to take his shirt off.

    From bacchos to jaans. Quiet literally. No explanation needed here as much has been said about this tat already! lol... But Saif isnt the first or the last to get his lover (Kareena Kapoor) tat on his bod!... Rumor has it Sanju has Manayatas name tatted on him as well, so does Deepika and so on!

    Since I talked about it -- had to bring it up! Here's Deepikas Tat on her neck of Ranbir Kapoor-- her boyfriend. Hope it lasts or getting rid of that tattoo is gonna hurt twice as hard!...Ask Amrita Arora! lol

    Speaking of Amrita Arora twice already -- here's her tattoo on her on her back which says "Love....saves the day" Cute but the time that she got it done, she was with Usman - Her ex boyfriend now But at the time meant everything to her. So much so she also got this cricket from Englands name tatted on her lower back in Urdu but since things didnt work out between them I guess she had to get rid of she is happily married now w/ someone else.

    Here's another meaningful tat--Not your lovers name or even your wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/exes name but something you dont have to worry about getting rid of if something goes bad -- Here's Esha Deol sporting a 'Om' on her left side & on right has the 'Gaytri Mantra'... Still sweet & precious I think!

    If you wanna talk about the king of Tats in Bwood it would have to be Sanjay dutt! After inking a lion tattoo on his left arm (As seen here) and Manyata's on the other, Sanjay Dutt is getting ready for a Japanese tattoo on his chest. This would make it 6 tattoos in total for him.

    Here's Mandira Bedis Tat. Rocking a Tibetian style 'om' around her navel.

    Ronit Roys Tat. A little twist on the regular 'Om' tat.

    Rakhi Sawant. Though looking like a man here she is sporting a butterfly tat that is on her lower waist.

    Last but not Least Keona Mitras tat on her FINGER of all places spelling out the word 'Love'.

    Other stars rumored to have tattoos are Kareena, Sushmita Sen, Aftab, John, Suniel Shetty,and Salman among others.

    This seems to be a trend that is fastly catching on to Bollywoood these days


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    Hrithik & Suzanne luks gud

    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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    some are bizarre...
    Sanju's n Hrithik's are the best



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