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    Lightbulb ★:★ Bolly celebs & their starry tantrums ★:★

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    Here’s some dope on how actors behave when on an airline. From interacting with the crew to conducting themselves while flying, Smrity Sharma gets chatty with an air-hostess who has attended to our B-wood bigwigs on flights, and digs out some interesting stuff about our ‘high flying’ celebs.

    Katrina Kaif

    The beautiful actress who is adored for her innocent looks whenever on screen is just the opposite when it comes to real life. Apparently, Katrina Kaif doesn’t talk to the crew (air stewards/stewardess/flight attendants) when on board, even if she wants anything. She prefers giving orders to her secretary/manager who inturn orders the attendants to get whatever the lady wishes. Kats does this even when an attendant is standing right next to her. Uff! Soni de nakhre...

    Salman Khan

    Salman Khan, tagged as the bad brat is in fact a very chilled out guy and doesn’t have any airs while interacting with flight attendants. Right after boarding the flight, Salman Khan walks up to the alley where the stewards/stewardess’ sit and enquires about the food available and chooses the one he finds the most appealing. Salman, who has been traveling to London quite often these days, spends most of the 9 hour journey to London sleeping. He gets up in between just to have his hot cup of chai or coffee...depending on the mood!

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    The beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the most demanding passenger to manage! More than the food item, it’s the presentation that takes priority for the lady. We hear that when on board an airline, Ash keeps the flight attendants on their toes. She asks them to show her, rather present before her, all the food items available one by one. She then picks up the one she finds the most visually appealing! For Aishwarya, it’s just a ‘treat for the eyes’ quite literally!

    Shah Rukh Khan

    SRK often says in his interviews that he is extremely close to his kids and that his life revolves around them. One can witness this when King Khan is flying with his ‘baccha’ party. While in flight, SRK is busy teaching his children mannerisms - how to eat properly, how one ought to talk to flight attendants and when to say thank you. We have heard about ‘on the job’ training, SRK indulges in ‘on the flight’ training!

    Malaika Arora Khan

    The oomphalicious babe is admired for her hour glass figure and let us tell you what her secret is. Malaika’s mantra is to keep a check on her calorie intake. Be it at home, parties, events or even while on flight. Malaika always asks the flight stewards about which food item served in the flight contains what calories and she chooses an item reading the least count.

    Saif Ali Khan

    Saif Ali Khan, the Chotte Nawab, loves to walk around when the ‘Seat Belt’ sign is on and the flight is just about to take off or land. But he does this only for his lady love Kareena Kapoor. Flying in the first class where the seating arrangement is spaced out, Saif makes sure to take a seat as close to Bebo as possible. On one occasion, Saif was trying to shift to a seat near Kareena and the flight was just about to take off. Noticing Saif walking around, the head attendant couldn’t help but instruct Saif loudly to take his seat... So what did Saifoo do? He like a little kid went back and sat quietly on his seat... but only for a minute. He soon started hopping and shifting between seats to get the one next to Bebo!

    Karisma, Kareena Kapoor

    The airline staff calls the two sisters ‘The true’ first class travelers. Elegant and polite in their conduct, Karisma and Kareena are very down to earth and interact freely with the flight attendants. On the flight, they never turn down a fan’s request for posing for a photograph or signing an autograph, unlike some other celebs who make a fuss out of it!

    Farhan Akhtar

    Farhan Akhtar is someone who always maintains a low profile when flying. The actor loves to make his own tea and coffee in the tiny kitchen table in the airline. And while at that, he gets chatty with the flight attendants.

    Preity Zinta

    We all know that our Bolly actresses have to do a lot to maintain their figures. From extensive workouts at the gym to strict diets... but then there are times when they like to indulge... and Preity Zinta is in an ‘all binge’ mode while flying. While on board, Preity loves to gorge on all the sweets available in the flight menu. That’s the one time she truly relishes and gives in to her sweet tooth.

    Jackie Shroff

    Jackie Shroff has often played the ‘bindaas Mumbaiyaah’ in many of his films... and that’s what he exactly is like even off-screen and in mid-air. Jackie has no starry airs about him and causally chats with fellow passengers, flight attendants and the junta. He also tries hard to remember names and acknowledges attendants he may have met before.

    Dia Mirza

    Dia Mirza is the sweet lady. The actress never fails to exchange pleasantries with the flight staff. She is very down to earth and has a very casual and friendly aura about her.


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