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    Bebo's go slim fad catches on
    By Subhash K Jha.

    Did Kareena start it? Or was it Adnan Sami? And now Ayesha Takia is on a weight-losing spree..

    Weight loss is not something restricted to overweight celebrities any more. Apparently Bollywood's big-wigs just can't get enough of it..

    After Govinda and Mimoh Chakraborty's joint pact to fight the flab in Bangkok it's Om Puri turn to shed those extra kilos….big time! .

    For the last few weeks Om Puri has been regularly visiting a health clinic. "I had developed a paunch. When I saw myself in Don I realized how hideous I was looking. I've been working on it. I've already lost about nine kgs, and I intend to knock off another nine kgs in the next few months.".

    Om's formula? "Diet mainly but also taking medical help. Five years ago I underwent a back surgery, the same one that Shah Rukh Khan did. After that I rapidly gained weight. I needed to lose weight because it was affecting my knees.".

    Not everyone in Bollywood is tilting the bathroom scales for the right reason. There's an unhealthy trend towards unchecked weight loss bordering on anorexia in the industry..

    Adds Bipasha, "I'm really concerned about all this unhealthy weight-loss in our entertainment industry. For God's sake, don't starve yourself to stay in shape. It gives you a prematurely aged look. Eat sleep and live will. And avoid geeting obsessive about losing weight.".

    In the meanwhile super-model turned actor Aryan Vaid has a tell-tale story to tell about the 6-abs fad that's taken hold of the Bollywood bad-Shahs..

    "Most of them doctor their abs to make them look perfect before the camera. There's a lot of colouring and contouring going on to make the abs look prominent on those midriffs. Very few actors have authentic six-abs. I do.".

    "Forget six-abs. Eight-abs are in," says Dino Morea and claims to have it..

    Self-promotion is the best promotion. And Bollywood's anti-binging squad is now fighting to prove who's the slimmest of them all..

    May the best anorexic win.



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