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    Default Amitabh and his so called rivals!

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    According to our media, Shah rukh khan and Amitabh dont see eye to eye.
    Amitabh and Akshay have ego problems and dont gel well.
    Anil Kapoor had problems with Amitabh after his slumdog comments on his blog.
    Aamir and Amitabh too have problems

    Do you beleive all this? All these celebs did attend the premiere of the much awaited Amitabh bachchan movie Paa. Goes to show the bachchans are co-ordial with others in film fraternity and they in fact are the first family of bollywood.

    There were the kapoors[Randhir kapoor], the Khans[SRK , Amir, salman was obviously not present], Akshay...

    wid akshay




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