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    Talking Akshay Kumar defies death

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    Actor suggests and executes daredevil stunt on reality show against stuntmen's advice

    Akshay Kumar is taking his role as host of the adventure reality show Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2 very seriously.

    On Monday night, the show will feature Akshay performing a death-defying stunt that was created by the actor himself.

    Called a building transfer stunt and performed for the first time on the reality show, the actor dangled in mid air on cable and made his way from the rooftop of one building to the other.

    A source associated with the show told MiD DAY, "Akshay wanted to perform some stunts on the show and this particular stunt was his suggestion. The stuntmen however, advised him against it, but he still went ahead.

    As part of the stunt, Akshay held on to a stunt coordinator who was dangling upside down from a cable.

    Both of them were put on a cable that transported them from one rooftop to the other. Akshay had to take the flags buckled on the rooptops from one building to another."

    Describing it as one of the most difficult stunts performed on the reality show, the source added, "Akshay is passionate about stunts and was very excited when he successfully completed the one on the show."

    The actor is expected to perform more deadly stunts in the coming weeks.

    Fitness Freak
    Akshay is a fitness freak and learnt martial arts in his early teens in Bangkok.

    The actor is conversant with taekwondo and muay Thai (Thai boxing) and is a black belt in karate. He practises martial arts for two hours every day.

    "It disciplines me. Martial arts is not just about violence and fighting, but about the power to change your life," says Akshay.

    The actor was even part of a seven-part mini series called 'Seven Deadly Arts with Akshay Kumar' on a leading television channel.

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