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    13 celebs, one Fear Factor
    In spite of envisaging fear, Meghna Naidu looks very excited with her participation in upcoming reality show Fear Factor which would be aired on Viacom’s new channel ‘Colours’. The kaliyon ka chaman babe has picked up Fear Factor for the spirit of adventure.

    “There is so much we do in life everyday, but to do something that you are most afraid of is a challenge and there lies the fun of it,” avers Meghna Naidu.

    Meghna further shares that even entering Bollywood in itself is a challenge. “At every stage in life, one must look at overcoming hurdles, shortcomings and most important of it all fears”, further goes the fearless lass.

    Other than Meghna, there are around 12 more hot babes who would be facing the challenges associated with the show which includes the likes of Yana Gupta, Sayali Bhagat, Payal Rohatgi, etc.

    Recently honoured with doctorate, Dr. Akshay Kumar, who would be seen hosting the show, feels that women are good as men when it comes to facing fears.

    “Women can be no less than men. I take pride in training these ladies”, asserts Doctor.

    But wouldn’t it be hard for our macho man Akki himself to concentrate on the stunts while being surrounded by so many gorgeous glam-dolls!



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