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    The Stardom of Rivalry - The Rivals in Stardom - The Real-life Marital Sync - The Lip-Locking Cinematic Blink - The Mrs. & Mr. Ambani Acts Again - The Stakeholder Settles with a 'Mani Gain' - The Southern Spices soak well in the Stellar Rain - & The Oscar Oil anointing without much drain ...............

    Raavan (Hindi) or Raavanan (Tamil) , the twins of Mani Rathnam, do not look to piss on that posing canvas, but 'cuddles the eyes of the viewer' in a not-knowing nascent fashion. Perhaps, the coined-up phrase(possibly used here) - 'the state-of-the-art psychological exhilaration' appears to be effectively liberating in the caustic roles exhibited by the protagonists, in both the versions. Before getting to the brass-tacks of making a clear-cut autopsy of this birth, let's sincerely make an effort in analyzing ' One's Approach To Compare The Beera's....... (Perhaps the Indian Prejudice)' !

    The American politician Gordon Liddy would rightfully say - " The Press is the peculiar uncle that you keep in the attic - just one of those unfortunate things" . Perhaps, he was very much cautious in criticizing the current-day Press, and was doubly confident in blaming only the existing system, and not the proposed one. Yet, if at all the avuncular press provides a methodical analyses with least intentions of competitive attitude and brighter versions of personal rectitude, in a constructive way, then ................................

    Perhaps.... The Beeras' can take their places in the balance for assessment. ..... .....

    The Goodness of the Bad & Implicitly, Perhaps The Bitterness of The Good - The Beast-like Presence On-Screen With A Beautiful Brunette By The Side - Sentimental Subtlety Stunning the Co-playing Characters unknowingly - Classy Confrontation With The Cop - Bloody Hell Of A Living Amidst The Lives Of The Beautiful - Rustic Rowdyism in the Roads of Yet To Be Made Roads - Struck by 'The Mistress Of Spice' In a Process - Surrender To The Self - Confessions Of Liking - Anti-Heroism To The Core.

    The master of suspense cinemas, A.J. Hitch**** once said clearly - "The more successful the villain, The more successful the picture" .

    By all possible means, 'Chiyaan' Vikram tried to cherish all the viewers by playing his life time best role that he considers, by bringing all his experience to team with better masters. He tried to nail every bit of that required trait and played a nice, all encompassing role that was required from a character playing the title role. He always wanted to add his interpretation to the character and perhaps, it looks like he has revisited the history on which the plot was supposed to be based. The movie that talks about the battle of emotions among the three, calls more efforts and performance on the title role - 'Ravanan'.

    The 'wait for vengeance look' for the rape of his sister, hails throughout the film in his eyes , except for the last bit of the film, for which he expectantly falls for. The social sensibility he receives amongst his people relates to that bit of goodness found in every other unknown Don. The mental estimations that he makes to himself in his own tonalities and talks in cadence makes him apart too, from the rest of the roles within him. The essence that was bound to be expelled in terms of establishing what was meant to be communicated, was much convincing than, even the intended screenplay. There was just this one man who carried the crux on his shoulders, right from the first jump into the water to the last, but at the same time, paved sufficient way for his fellow performing artists to deliver the necessary emotions. What complimentary co-starring was that... ? Unknowingly unselfish Or Consciously Co-operating...? Class Act... One would undoubtedly call him!

    A Fool-Of-An- Ass Of A Role that would have all wild characteristics within himself to finally discover the goodness he reveals to the hostage, also has a promising scope to scoop and exhibit every other detail of what he does and behaves. Perhaps, the very nature of a 'modern-day-psycho' that offers no prior definition of what a character should be, is being overtly misused here. The simple account of 'Anything you do is a psychotic expression since I define the role more than anyone else' was taken for granted. The case looks like any other "Mani Rathnam Film' that fails to clarify behavioral characteristics due to either unprofessional editing or professional censoring. But, the bargaining game looks nicely plaited and the title hero - 'Chiyan' Vikram' has handled the proceedings with utter ease and better breeze.
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