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    Default Movie Review: Jo Hum Chahein

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    Rohit, a 24 year-old MBA, moves to Mumbai to pursue a career in stockbrokerage, where he meets Neha- a no nonsense girl, who believes in true love. Both of them have different desires and eventually fall in love with each other. How Rohitís professional ideologies drift them apart and how both of them go on a personal journey of love, betrayal and despair forms the rest of the story.

    Story Treatment:

    The story is predictable and stretches like a long ending love saga. Narrrative wanders aimlessly with no interesting climax.

    Star Cast:

    Debutant Sunny Gill looks like Hrithik Roshan, but he can only be rated way below Hrithik in acting and emoting dialogues. His arrogance and ****iness irritates you to the core. Simran Kaur Mundi looks decent, but is devoid of any emotions. Both have a good screen presence, may be a better script would have complemented their portrayal well.


    Director Pawan Gill makes an honest effort to make a mushy love story, only a strong script would have complemented his effort. The romance seems cheesy and actors go overboard with emotions and you feel like you're weathering a long ending romantic saga.


    Dialogues are extremely cheesy and lack punches. Music is quite peppy and suits the mood of the film. But the multitudes of songs, make the viewing more tedium. Technically, nothing brilliant, only the exotic locales are captured beautifully.

    Ups and Downs:
    Catch it if you donít have anything worthwhile, as Jo Hum Chahein has nothing entertaining except for a few foot tapping songs.

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    very interesting, thanks for share



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