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    Arrow Jimmy - Movie Review

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    Cast: Mimoh Chakraborty, Vivana, Zulfi Saiyad, Rahul Dev, Vikash Kalantri and Prithvi
    Producer: Nawman Malik and Salman Malik
    Music: Anand Raj Anand and Bappi Lahiri
    Director: Raj N Sippy
    Ratings - *
    The film opens with a beautiful dance sequence of Jimmy (Mimoh Chakraborty). Jimmy, the heartbeat of millions of girls around, taps his toes every night on a discotheque where he works as a DJ and sweats all through the day in a garage as a mechanical engineer to lend back an amount of thirty five lacs to set his father free form debt.

    Jimmi?s father, portrayed by Prithvi, wants to settle a business for Jimmy but unfortunately he fails invariably. He cannot survive such a shock and dies leaving for Jimmy the debt of a huge amount.

    In the mean time Jimmy meets Megha (Vivana) and their love story starts taking shape. Megha?s father is the owner of a shipping company. He has a partner in the company who dreams of marrying his son, Sumer (Vikash Kalantri) with Megha.

    On the other hand Jimmy, enjoying his days with Megha, realizes that he has brain tumour and has few days to spend with his ladylove.

    And he takes the responsibility of a murder in exchange with money to reimburse the amount his was indebted with. The story then meanders through several serious situations and in that Jimmy comes to know that he was framed and the report about him having brain tumour was faked.

    The culmination of the story reveals the brain behind the entire ploy is that of Jimmy?s friend (Zulfi Saiyad) in an attempt to grab Megha Mimoh tried his best to act better in his debut film but his flawless endeavour fails in a fruitless story of great trend but in seventies.

    Mimoh, as far as dancing is concerned, has proved the legacy of his father, Mithun Chakraborty, but his voice lacks him in creating enough attractions.

    At the same time, his obese look wrongs his appearance in the period of six packs in Bollywood. The renowned director Raj N Shippy tried his best to improve the screen of ?Jimmy? but probably he mistook choosing the story. Despite having everything to present a perfect masala, the tasteless story and brainless screenplay made ?Jimmy? hapless at its very outset.

    The dialogue of serious scenes, even, provoked laughter among audience. At the same time the music and lyrics of the film are also not enjoyable enough. Few scenes have beautiful cinematography but it never can be enough to make a film hit.

    Though unintended, but it?s better to watch the poster of the film than to endure the whole film. There, at least, audience won?t have to spend their hard-earned money and priceless time. - Rajnee Gupta



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