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    Default Exclusive Movie Review Of Phhir (August 12, 2011)

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    By Taran Adarsh, August 12, 2011 - 14:11 IST

    How does one express PHHIR in a line? Well, I'd say, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. These lines actually sum up the plotline of PHHIR, a suspense thriller focusing on reincarnation. That's not all, for director Girish Dhamija affixes yet another track in the film which bears a striking resemblance to EYES OF LAURA MARS. Yet, with all the trappings that make a riveting thriller, PHHIR runs out of breath before it reaches the winning post.

    Problem kya hain? Dhamija, who had made an engrossing thriller in YAKEEN earlier, has an interesting plot on hand this time as well and I must add, he's shot the film very well too. In fact, you get sucked into the world of the principal characters at the outset and Dhamija succeeds in making you curious and inquisitive with each passing incident. But Dhamija blows up everything towards the finale -- when the suspense unfolds. I mean, it turns out to be one of those typical movie endings, a tried-and-tested shortcut that evaporates all the hard work that the director had invested in building up the suspense so beautifully.

    Write your own movie review of Phhir Kabir [Rajneesh Duggal], a doctor, marries Sia [Roshni Chopra]. A budding career and a seemingly happy marriage -- what more could a man ask for? One day, Sia disappears without a word. Disha [Adah Sharma] helps Kabir with clues that take him closer to unravel the mystery of his missing wife. What does Disha see? What has caused Sia to go amiss?

    The first thing that catches your attention is the visuals of this film [cinematography: Pravin Bhatt]. The stunning locales of New Castle are the perfect setting for the film; they enhance the eerie quotient. Initially, Dhamija succeeds in creating the right atmosphere. The movie has speed, emotions and drama, but the writing loses its grip as it moves towards the finale. Notwithstanding the uneven end, which enters into the predictable zone, I wish to add that Dhamija builds the suspense well and has handled a number of sequences with expertise. There's not much scope for music in the film and the soundtrack is strictly okay.

    Rajneesh Duggal is far more self-assured than his debut film 1920. He's handled his part reasonably well. Adah Sharma essays the interesting role of a clairvoyant with fervor. In fact, her portions are the best in the movie. Roshni Chopra doesn't get scope. Parag Tyagi is perfect. Mohan Agashe is striking.

    On the whole, PHHIR has some exciting moments, but a weak finale lets it down completely.


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