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    Thumbs up EKK DEEWANA THA Full Movie Review: An old concept laced with boring dialogue

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    EKK DEEWANA THA Movie Review

    The movie starts with Sachin (Prateik) falling head over heels in love with Jesse (Amy Jackson) at the first sight. Studying to become a mechanical engineer and aspiring to make it as a filmmaker some day, Prateik goes into a sudden stalking spree to pursue his lady love. In real life if someone did this he would be instantly qualified as a psychopath, but in the movie that doesn’t deter Jesse from wielding her charm weapon and making the most of the attention she gets.

    The protagonists are neighbours. So as Prateik longs for a sneak peek of the love of his life, Jesse’s family, conservative Malayalam Catholics, make sure their dignified daughter keeps a safe distance from the Marathi Brahmin lad.

    We delve a little further to give you a fair idea of what the movie is all about:

    Stage 1 (interests and hobbies): Sachin loves films – Jesse doesn’t. Jesse loves Mathematics – Sachin doesn’t. Jesse has only seen five movies in her whole life and her father doesn’t know who Amitabh Bachchan is. Sachin, on the other hand, thrives on films.

    Stage 2 (sudden twist): Jesse is about to get married, but refuses at the end moment when the church priest asks her if she’s willing to spend her whole life with a bloke called Roy Thomas. The groom is fixed up by her parents and is in a much better position than Sachin in terms of career and finance and, most importantly, belongs to the same caste as Jesse.
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