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    Cast: Jackie Chan, Winston Chao, Li Bingbing, Jaycee Chan, Hu Ge, Sun Chun

    Written by: Wing Xingdong and Chen Baoguang

    Music: Ding Wei

    Cinematography: Zang Li and Huang Wei

    Executive producer: Jackie Chan

    Banner: JCE Movies Ltd., Chang Ying Film Group Corporation

    Movie Review

    With 1911 Jackie Chan has paid his tributes to the 100th anniversary of Xinhai Revolution in his 100th film. Jackie Chan has also produced (as executive producer) and directed the film.

    1911 is an epic-drama that depicts the story of the Chinese Xinhai revolution led by Sun Yat-sen that ousted the Qing dynasty.

    Jackie Chan plays the character Huang Xing. Winston Chao plays Sun Yat-sen and Li Bingbing plays Xu Zonghan.



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