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    Thumbs up Miley Jab Hum Tum 1st Jan 2010 written update

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    [DOWN]The episode starts with Mayank sitting On a Bench and reminiscing About The words he spoke to Nupur a while ago. He takes out his Purse and brings out the Locket Nupur had gave him with The heart and Him & Nupur's Photo inside. He flashbacks to the very scene where Nupur tells him that He Had no idea About love. He says and You do. . He Puts the locket back and stares at the Photo in the Wallet and Moves his fingers over the wallet. he remembers his second Confession where he said "I Love you infront of everyone. He Phones Shilpa and Talks with her. She asks him if he hadn't missed her Cause of Nupur. She asks him If he had a fight with nupur and mayank should Only fight for Nupur Now.With this, Mayank asks her if She could distinguish between right and wrong. She tells him to follow His heart. Both keep the phone Down.

    Cut to Gunjan: gunjan is shown Talking with Dia About Nupur. Dia's Phone Rings and Sam asks her How they would tell Mayank and asks if they all Could come to his house. She says A yes and keeps the phone down. Dia asks Gunjan If she would come. She hesistates and Says how could she ask bauji? Bauji overhears This and says that if she wanted to Go, she could go But her Bauji's respect Was with her. He tells her to do No work that would harm his respect.

    Cut to Sam's house: Sam Paces the floor. Suhaani says that Mayank dosen't even Know About Nupur's Marriage. The bell Rings. Sam rushes to it In hope of finding Mayank But finds the gang. Suhaani Notices how Samrat Pauses after seeing Gunjan. She Tells him that She and the gang better Go and search for Mayank. All Go. Samrat invites gunjan to Come in. She comes in and Becomes all teary. She cries "Samrat" while Sam extends his arms. She runs and They hug. Gunjan tells Him Never to get angry with her, Never to Not talk with her and Never call her Gunjan . Samrat Hold her by her shoulder and Jokes that If she is like that, THere maybe a flood in his house and then where Will mayank & Suhaani go? . He tells her that what she did was not liked by him. He could Forgive suhaani as he never gave her confidence to confide in him But gunjan? She was his Bharosa. . Gunjan says that She also Didn't like what He did with her and tells him that She could not forget him for even a moment and He Wanted to block her. Samrat Holds her hand. Gunjan Places her other hand on the Top of it. They make Promises of never breaking each other's trust and Listening to each other Always. Samrat , to lighten The atmosphere Asks about his Victory kiss and they both smile. Gunjan inches forward and kisses him on his cheek. They Both hug again. The bell rings again and Samrat Finds the gang. They say that Patch-up Time is over and Suhaani Exclaims that Atleast it left a smile on Sam-Gunjan's Faces . They all Wonder what to tell Mayank. DIa tells that she knew that Adhiraj was Agreeing to this marriage only to Take revenge. Sam says that what will Be of this problem. Mayank Appears on the doorway and asks what Problem?


    Mayank enters the House and Asks everyone about Problem and what was it? Gunjan walks Forward with tears and Suhaani becomes all teary. Sam Tells him that Bauji had fixed Nupur's marriage with Babloo. Screen shows everyone with tension on their faces and Pauses.

    Precap- Nupur Is standing by The Window and asks herself that Did she do such a big mistake that Bauji was making her Suffer through out her life?

    Samrat tells Mayank That the Only way to get out of this was to call Mayank's Mother.

    Bui tells Nupur That She had ruined her's and her sister's Life too by doing this. Nupur stands up and shouts that She was ruining her life. Bui Scold her and says her to lower her Voice.

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