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    Default Advance update for Friday 3/20/09

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    As Nupur and Mayank wait for Chirounji outside the restaurant they both get into argument. Nupur tells him that he is being unfairly rude to Chirounji and she doesn't know why? Mayank gets annoyed and leaves.

    Later As Nupur walks back with Chirounji, some rowdies trouble them. Nupur protests, but the bikers irk them further. Just when things are going out of hand, Mayank makes an entry. He gets angry seeing Nupur hurt and beats them all. Nupur is agasht seeing Mayank so angry. Mayank gets hurt while fighting with them and she takes him to the doctor.

    Later when they return to the hostel room, Nupur sees wound on Mayank's hand. She is concerned and cleans the wound. He protests mildly but soon is entranced by her concern for him. Nupur tells him that she was shocked to see him that angry and the way he beat up the bikers. Mayank says that they hurt her so he had to be a good friend and stand up for her.

    Nupur stills wonders that what she saw was a manic anger and her words ring a realization for Mayank. Even as she speaks he is lost in trance and tries to reason, what is with him?

    At the radio station Gunjan panics. She is totally scared to handle the situation. The engineer tries to help her by giving her some CDs, but she really wishes to talk to Samrat.

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