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    Default 18 december 2008 written update

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    Recap-Nupur is studying for the exam..while sleeping she has a dream she loses the challenge to mayank.Sammy and gunjan shake hands on their "i will study"pact..and dia is furious..


    Dia is gurious with Sammy...and she in her mind makes plan about how to destroy Sammy and Gunjan's friendship.While Sammy and Gunjan walk away talking about studies and studying.

    At Dia's House:
    Dia walks into Nupur and Gunjan's room to find Nupur studying..while 4 books surround her.Dia asks Nupur what is she doing?
    Nupur says:You must be thinking what i am doing?actually in morena also i studied with 4 books open..when i get bored with one book i move to another..and when i get bored with that book i move to another..Dia cuts in and says.."where is gunjan?"...Nupur-"Gunjan has gone to bring milk".....Dia-Milk?............Nupur-There she is.Gunjan enters the room and Dia says Gunjan you always help everyone so much,will you help me too?..And obviously gunjan says yes.

    Dia..:Gunjan dear yuou know na me and sammy are very good friends..close friends....before you came from morena i used to take care of sammy...but now i am more worried
    Gunjan akss why and dia rpelies that now he has notes to he wont open his book to study ..he will just go according to the notes..gunjan says she dint think of that...Dia says if you are a good friend you will keep calling him to ask whether he is studying anf gunjan agrees to that.

    Uday asks Nupur and Gunjan if they have seen they have to go to a party..nupur says he shudnt party so much before the exams..he should study.Uday laughs and takes out a walkman............He says the solution is this(the walkman)..Nupur snatches the walkman...and uday explains how you can record your chapters into the chapters by reading your chapters out loud.

    Mayank's House:
    Mayank asks his mom why is she reading morning's newspaper..she says becuz in the newspaper his name is written..mayank says what?...mayank's mother says yes..its written how much he thinks about nupur.HE says ma i dont..Mayanks mom says all day long he talks about Nupur.......Mayank says she challenged and she will loose...mayank's mother makes him understand about how they both are equal..and it would make it easier if they were friends.

    DIa-s house:
    Nupur is fascinated by the walkman....when suddenly


    Uday"oh gawd nupur you talk so much..i forgot about dee"and he goes away

    Nupur presses the record button and says"hello hello hello!mumbai akash vaadi kindrya"
    Gunjan frowns and says this is not a good way to study she should study straight from books.and Nupur plays the recording and her voice comes..gunjan's frown deepens

    Sammy is sitting by the bar when Benjie comes and tells him the action is on the dancefloor what is he doing there?Sammy says you go there..m not in a mood....Benjie says i am not allowed their alone.
    They sit down and Dia comes and dia says hi..!

    Next Scene:
    Jacko and Annie meet and annie asks how is she lukin..and jacko replies gawjus...did you shop today?....annie says yes..and then they advertise the great indian shopping festival.....i am going to save you all from that..

    Uday comes and starts hogging..when annie starts to eat he slaps her hand away and says uday doesnt share food...and dia tells how he should be more like his helpful sister gunjan....and tells how she is helping sammy with the notes

    Sammy is suprised..Dia says dont look so suprised..dia knows everything...and they all tease sammy about studying and he is getting frustuated and that is when Gunjan calls..since the music is too loud thet both keep saying hello..i cant hear nytn.....Finally when sammy realizes gunjan is talking about the notes..he says"i have got the notes i will study..dont be like a school teacher"..gunjan says"but!"...sammy interupts her and keeps down the phone..
    Next day in college:
    Sammy and gunjan meet...but gunjan doesnt says sammy does..she says hello..and moves forward..sammy asks whats wrong...Gunjan stops and says i dont want to pester you..Sammy but you are not pestering me..who said?...gunjan-"you did"...and she leaves
    Benjie comes and asks whats wrong and sammy tells him why gunjan is angry with him

    Mayank and nupurs class with Shukla:
    Shukla is telling the class sumthing in "shudh" hindi..and nupur says a bit too loud how the class will eat her head..and how it feels like somebody is hammering her head.TJ shushes her..but shukla makes nupur stand up and says-aaj tumne mere naak mein dum karne ka pran liya hai!.
    And mayank and nupur look at each other.

    Next scene:
    Gunjan is walking and is stopped by benjie..she turns and is stopped by sammy..
    Sammy says-when you called yesterday i was with friends..and they were teasing me about being a nerd...
    Sammy-my reputation would have gone down....i am the cool guy
    Gunjan-mayank isnt cool?
    Sammy-he is his own way.
    Gunjan-looking cool infront of some friends wont help ur future.
    Sammy says-he will rock the future too(he did not say this this is my own translation since i cant remember the words..sorry)
    Gunjan-for that only i am making will get the next chapter notes tommorow..whether you read them or throw them i dont care..but since i am your...(she pauses)friend..i will help you..and saying that she goes away..

    Benjie smiles but stops smiling when sammy looks at him..!
    there's the whole update...sorry fr my mistakes.!



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