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    Default Love Ne Mila Di Jodi 28th October Written Update

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    Sameer bring an fainted Avni to her room. When Avni gets up Sameer says sorry and Avni says no i am sorry. Damini says she will call the doctor but Avni says no she is ok. Sameer says you are not allryt you fainted for the 3rd time and Damini says 3rd time? why didnt we know this and Jai did know it and why didnt you go to the doctor you had an appointment in the afternoon. Damini calls doctor and says that doctor will come and check her tomorrow and brings her and ask why they actually said sorry to eachother but they didnt say anything.
    Prithvi sees Damini sitting and things if you want to destroy the Gujrals you need to marry Damini concentrate on the plan. He goes to Damini and ask what the matter is cause she looks upset. He says if its personal i won't ask. Damini says no i can discuss this only with you and ask when do you know that 2 peopel love eachother. Prithvi says love is love you dont know when who loves who. Damini says sometimes llove makes soemone so ireesponsible that you hurt the other person. Prithvi says sorry if i ever hurted you. Damini says i was not talkign about you but about Jai and Avni. Damini says that she feels that Jai and avni are hiding something from here and is scared that Avni might do somethign wrong she is really innocent and its their farz to explain them and that jai is still immature. And if he hurts her than she don't know what she will do. Prithvi says i wont forgive him either but i think he is a good guy from a good family. Damini says i leave to se how Avni is doing.
    Prithvi thinks i dont know what sameer is doing hope no problems before the wedding.
    Varun calls Prithvi and tells him to come cause he needs to show him something. He shows her teh mother of Ila gujral and tells that the one who marries Damini will get 50% of gujral empire only when Ila gujral wants that to happen!!! Varun says that we have lots of chances cause Ila  likes you a lot Prithvi says you are right but we shoudl be careful and no one of us should make a mistake. Varun says no one can stop us.
    Doctor is chekking Avni and tells her that she is pregnant and Avni is shocked and remembers Daminis words. Avni ask the doctor not to tell anyone. Sameer is kocking on the door. Avni says she wants to tell them her self. Damini ask her mom to coem with her to look how Avni is the doctor has come. Sameer comes in and ask if she is allright and ask the doctor if he can talk to her in private. He ask her what happend, what is wrong what the doctor said Avni is in shock and starts crying. Sameer says im with you what happend everythign will be allright. Avni tells sameer that she is pregnant. Sameer is shockedddd.
    Avni says what will we do now what am i gonna tells my mother damini di roshini..what will we do? They hug Avni says that she had a dream that they will get married and have family but like this?? Sameer ask for time to think.
    Avni says that they haev to tell mom. Saeer says it is not easy.  Sameer says we should tell Damini first. He says i need time to think.
    Avni says she dont know how damini will react and they hear damini talking to the doctor outside and they get scared.
    Precape: Avni tells sameer that tonight Damini di will talk to us and than we will tell her and probably Prithvi will be there as well Sameer gets shocked hearing this

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