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    Default Movie Strikes UPDATE - New Releases from 15th May

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    Last week, the producers and distributors had adopted the tough stand of releasing new films at single screens and independent multiplexes. It was decided to work out the release dates in a cordial atmosphere, so that they don't eat into each other's business.

    The latest is, the films will be release from May 29 onwards [starting with Vashu Bhagnani's KAL KISSNE DEKHA], but to give enough breathing space to the new releases, it has been decided to give a 2-week gap between each new release. Which means, the next big film, after KAL KISSNE DEKHA, will arrive on 12th June and the subsequent one on 26th June.


    Expect a heavy flow of big-budget and medium-budget films in the forthcoming weeks. Several films attempted by first-timers are also awaiting a release. While 99 hits the screens this Friday, a low-cost film, DETECTIVE NAANI, is arriving next week -- 22nd May. This film too is directed by a first-timer -- Romilla Mukherjee -- who has dabbled in ad and corporate films before.

    DETECTIVE NAANI tells the story of a naani [enacted by veteran Ava Mukherjee], who decides to solve a mystery. A la Sherlock Holmes. "I had read about a crime a couple of years ago, but, strangely, the incident stayed in my memory even after so many years. I had no clue what I wanted to make, but when I started writing, the incident flashed in front of my eyes and I decided to use it as the premise. But it's not a serious whodunit. It's more of a light entertainer," Romilla tells me.

    Romilla denies that DETECTIVE NAANI is a kiddie film. "It's not. It's for everyone who seeks entertainment. We have held several test screenings of the film to gauge the audience feedback and the response was overwhelming. It holds appeal for everyone from 6 to 60. I don't want my viewer to feel bored while watching the film," she says.

    Like 99, DETECTIVE NAANI too would be released at multiplexes next week. "DETECTIVE NAANI is a very small film. If we don't release it now, we wouldn't get a chance once the flow of films begins. We might have to wait till Diwali or Christmas if we skip the date [22nd May]. In fact, we did seek permission from our association [IMPPA] to let us release the film, before we announced the release date," Romilla says.


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