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    Default Prachi and Rhea's sisterly bond fixes the new problem of Pragya in KumKum Bhagya

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    In the coming track of Kumkum Bhagya, finally, Rhea mends her relationship with Prachi.

    Pragya has made Rhea realize her mistakes while Abhi also humbly makes Rhea realize her mistakes.

    Rhea is ashamed of her mistakes and finally apologizes to Pragya and Prachi.

    Now, Prachi forgives Rhea, while Rhea and Prachi become sisters.

    But with this big change in the story, Pragya once again gets into a new problem.

    Soon, Pragya comes across the Chief Minister whose life is in danger. She learns about the deadly attack on CM.

    Pragya is determined to rescue the Chief Minister from this deadly attack.

    While rescuing, will Pragya herself get stuck in extreme danger? Letís wait and watch.




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