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    Default Khan Sisters raise their voice against animal abuse

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    Celebrity sisters’ Gauahar Khan and Nigaar Khan are all set to turn messengers for the caged animals. Apparently, in the next episode of their reality show, the Khan Sisters, the siblings will participate in a PETA photo shoot. And through this shoot they will show their support against the brutal treatment of animals in zoos. And too get a feel of what these creatures actually go through, the sisters got themselves chained for the hour long shoot and in the process even hurt themselves. They sport tiger print jumpsuits and pose inside a cage which bears the sign ‘Lonely, Shackled, Abused. Boycott Zoos.’

    This will be their bit to end the atrocities against animals in the zoos. “We as living creatures love our freedom and animals are no different. If people want to sight animals, zoo is not the best place.” Instead, she feels animals should be observed in their natural habitat like animal reserves where they are living the life that they were meant to live.

    “If we can't manage to visit them, we can learn about these amazing wild animals by watching videos, television programs or by reading about them on the internet or in books and magazines and that’s what we, the Khan sisters are hoping the audience would understand,” says Gauahar Khan who is the younger among the two.

    This episode will be aired on 28 January 2012 on UTV Bindass.



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