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    Default The Ultimate Collection of Kamran Akmal Jokes

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    Q: What do Michael Jackson and Kamran Akmal have in common? A: They both wear gloves for no apparent reason.

    Behind every successful man, there is a successful woman. Behind every successful batsman, there is Kamran Akmal.

    chehray pay to phitkar thi hi waisay / gloves mein bhi hole nikla / apnay khatmal ko samjhay they khilari / woh to taylor ka darzi nikla

    Unluckiest dismissal in international cricket: ‘Caught Akmal’

    Kamran Akmal’s take on wicket keeping – making sure the batsman keeps his wicket for as long as possible

    Kamran Akmal’s favourite pickup line – can I drop you anywhere?

    Had Kamran Akmal starred in 127 Hours , the rock would have fallen straight through.

    World's greatest birthday gift declared by Guinness - Kamran Akmal for Ross Taylor.

    Kamran's favorite song: "Drop it like it's hot"

    “If you have Piyush, we have Kamran,” PCB Chief Ijaz Butt texted his Indian counterpart N Srinivasan.

    Sponsors love the sight of Kamran in a pair of gloves because he double-handedly converts Pakistan’s matches into slickly edited episodes of World’s Funniest Videos.

    Latest ratings suggest that TRPs for the Pakistan-New Zealand match were as high as the IPL auctions.... Thanks to Kamran Akmal.

    Kamran Akmal's proposed autobiography tentatively titled 'Drop dead gorgeous: my life and the leaks behind the wicket'.

    Kamran Akmal has been nominated the most fierce player as he has ended the most cricket careers e.g Danish Kaneria and now Shoaib Akhtar.

    It's time to drop Kamran Akmal so he knows how the ball feels.

    Why did Kamran Akmal have to walk back to the team hotel after the match? Because he failed to catch the bus!

    Kamran Akmal thinks that the meaning of 'wicket keeping' is to KEEP the opponent's wickets safe.

    Kamran Akmal is so immune. He didn't even catch fever!

    I hope that Kamran Akmal's wife doesn't let him hold their babies.

    In pin drop silence, guess who drops the pin?..... Kamran Akmal.

    What is Kamran Akmal's favourite movie?.....Catch me if you can

    Does this mean that Kamran Akmal can never catch a cold?

    Pakistan must be thankful to Kamran Akmal as he didn't choose to become a Police Officer.

    The US administration will be happy to know that Raymond Davis is no longer the most hated man in Pakistan...Kamran Akmal has replaced him.

    If there is an award for generosity to the opposition in cricket, Kamran Akmal would take the award this year for the 2nd year in a row!

    What is the one thing that Kamran Akmal is really good at? Clapping! Because he's always eager to put his hands together before the ball reaches him.

    Ever wondered how the third best wicket keeper in the Akmal family is the first choice wicket keeper in the country?

    Why do parents trust their daughters with Kamran Akmal? Because they know he will always drop them home.

    Kamran Akmal will make a very good footballer because he will never be required to use his hands to catch the ball.

    If Kamran Akmal was a South American footballer, his mistakes would have cost him his life by now.

    What do Kamran Akmal and a funnel have in common? Both let things through easily.

    Why is Umar Akmal the best batsman in the Akmal family? Because he got the most chance to bat in the back yard as Kamran Akmal kept dropping him.

    Maybe Kamran Akmal would have been a better wicket keeper if his hands were as big as his teeth.

    Kamran Akmal is every robber's dream, because he will never be able to catch them.

    Kamran Akmal is such a bad wicket keeper, he can't even catch a flu. Not even if he stood ***** in sub zero temperatures in Siberia! :lollll:



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