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    Having a snack and drinks with friends on a mountaintop in the Dolomites (mountains in Italy), 3 years ago during a skiing vacation I suddenly felt “the urge” and hurried to what looked like the “public toilet”.

    Upon entering the rustic and ancient structure I noticed that on the right all doors were closed, and on the left was a long sink along the wall with several faucets . Having seen such devices before in the French Metro, I presumed that this was the quick solution for emptying the bladder in the European way, and that the doors on the right hand side were for people with needs of a more substantive nature.
    With a smile I set about doing the job, when one of the doors opened and a fellow skier was looking at me in a quizzical manner, and quickly left the place after washing his hands at his side of the sink where I was emptying my bladder.

    It was then that I realized that this was not the toilet sink, but the sink for washing hands after using the toilet.
    Upon returning to my table I saw with great relief that my friends had finished their drinks, and I hurried with them to the slopes to put on our skis, seriously evading looking at the table where the gentleman I had met in the toilet building was sitting recounting what must have been a great joke to his friends.
    ...being a human...

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