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    Default How do you keep a Suicide in Suspense?

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    I was on a plane to Switzerland with my wife.

    Halfway through the flight, a man jumped up out of his seat and pulled out a gun.

    "This is a hijack!" he screamed. "If anyone makes a move, I'll kill 'em!"

    My wife held my hand for comfort. I looked into her eyes, smiled, and then pushed her into the aisle.

    The hijacker shot her in the head, before being wrestled to the ground by a couple of passengers.

    Everyone on the plane looked at me in disbelief at what I had just done.

    I said, "Before you ask, we were on our way to the Dignitas clinic for an assisted suicide, so I did us all a favour."

    After a few moments silence, an air hostess said, "Well... I suppose her suffering is over now. Was she in a lot of pain?"

    "No, she was fine," I replied. "I'm the one who's dying. I just wanted one last laugh before I go.



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