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    Default News after 30 years

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    News after 30 years

    Anna's adopted grandson, Munna Hazare is on ANSHAN against corruption, Government says LOKPAL BILL will be passed in a week

    Sachin hoping for his 300th century, says he might play the next world cup!

    Petrol climbs to Rs.65....(per drop) !!!

    Golmaal 27 will be released, Tushar Kapoor is still unable to speak or act!

    Facebook is declared a continent.

    A Girl in Delhi traveled 50 feet safely!

    Lakhshwadeep tunas to be the 63rd team to join IPL.

    Kasab dies at 53 in jail of high cholesetrol due to too much biryani.

    A Raja's son is arrested for 16G scam.

    Abhishek bachan is still waiting for a hit movie

    Salman Khan say's next year he will get married



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