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    Lalwa Jokes

    Lalwa came from USA and was expecting wife to greet
    him at home who was not there.
    So he asked his son, "Hey Lallu, where is your Mom."
    Lallu said, "Mom ran away with neighbor uncle."
    Lalwa got mad and Yelled, "You SOB, how come you did not inform me when I talked to
    you so many times over phone."
    Lallu explained, "Daddy, I thought you liked it, so I gave you a pleasant surprise."


    Customer asked, "What it the guarantee that the mirror you trying
    sell would not break."

    Delhi-ka-thug, "Sir if you drop this mirror from 100th floor it will not break until
    all the way to 99th floor down."

    Lalwa, "99% strong OK pack it."


    Lalwa was blessed with a birth of a daughter. He fell in anxiety.
    He told friend, "You know these boys they sexually harass girls."

    Friend said, "Oh don't worry name her DIDI (big sister) and no one will come near.


    NASA sent three Lallu astronauts to moon flying their rocket.

    But they returned from half way there. On inquiry they said, "It is dark moon day,
    there won't be any moon today in space.


    Lalwa's dad died at home in India and he was crying in grief.
    A telephone rang, he responded and started crying even louder.

    Friend asked what happened. He explained, "My sister called and her Dad also died today."


    If Lalwa want to dial 94494 94494..
    how will he dial........?

    He will first dial ..... 94494
    and then he will "REDIAL"94494


    Lalwa is this Banana for.
    Vendor, "Oh $1.00 per pound.

    Lalwa, "Would you sell it for 0.60 cents?

    Vendor, "for 60 cents you would not get even pills of banana.

    Lalwa, "Here 40 cents, do not give me banana pills just the banana inside.


    Lalwa, "My wife fell down in our water well, must be badly hurt
    and she was screaming a lot."

    Friend, "Oh what a mishap, but how is she now?"

    Lalwa, " I guess she must be fine, I don't hear any scream from well any more."
    ...being a human...

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    excellent as always.........

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    good one



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